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This hot Memes will make you laugh out loud

Hello everyone, good evening, am here to present you a hot Memes. Please kindly share, like and comment on my post πŸ™.

(1.) Can last born marry last born? What if they wake up at midnight and start crying 😒 I want to see mummy πŸ˜‚.

(2.) China has released new covid-19 pro max. Me: πŸƒ

(3.) This could be us but every time you're wearing wig.

(4.) When you know she went through your phone.

(5.) How girls with flat asses take pictures.

(6.) How I feel when you don't like my page. How you feel when you are reading the memes.

(7.) Opera mini: 5 seconds left. Glo network 🐒

(8.) From that day the kid stop watching Nickelodeon.

(9.) That moment when you saw your sister's boyfriend buying condom and your sister is not at home.

(10.) My new relationship will be sealed in a shrine, if you break my heart you die, and if I break your heart you still die. I hate nonsense.

(11.) My Agricultural teacher in secondary school can lie ehn, the idiot was telling me weed is an unwanted plant.

(12.) So one day I will be pretending to be matured and start to watch news on NTA in front of my children, me that I like Nickelodeon.

(13.) When there's lockdown but I need to go and buy my weed🚬

(14.) I wonder how rich people sleep at night with fridge full of food. I can't even sleep because of one yogurt in my fridge.

(15.) When your name is among the noise makers and you see the teacher that will beat you coming with a big rod.

(16.) We are going to talk about someone who woke up to pressing phone without bathing and brushing mouth.

(17). When your bae told you she has not seen her period.

(17.) Wanna know who thumb up memes instead of reacting Haha?πŸ˜‚

Please kindly follow me for more memes. thanks.

Content created and supplied by: Shittumania (via Opera News )

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