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Checkout some popular songs that NBC could have banned instead of Ric Hassani's "thunder fire you"

Some time ago, Ric Hassani likewise his 100,000 listeners were in for quite the shock when the RnB artist's latest track "thunder fire you" got banned by the NBC. The implication of the banning meant that radio stations and television sites in Nigeria were strictly prohibited from playing the song. In a not surprising turn of events however, rather than dwarfing the song's promotion, the NBC only succeeded in making it more popular through the ensuing controversy. Nonetheless, we are still trying to understand why exactly the song was particularly banned, perhaps the phrase "thunder fire you" was too aggressive?

There are countless other Nigerian songs however that were totally missed by the NBC's radar despite being ban worthy. Following are a couple of songs the NBC should have banned instead of Ric Hassani's and why;

Cashapp Bella Schmurda 

The jam which dominated the airwaves late last year became the new Yahoo boy anthem. This can be attributed to the lyrics which praise cyber fraudulent activities "shoni CC load am, cash app cash am, shoni maga bill am, EFCC nbo japa".

With Yahoo being one of the biggest societal vices in the country, it is surprising how it never occurred to the EFCC to ban this particular song.

Yeyeye by Omah Lay

To say the least, this is a very vulgar banger. So vulgar that I cannot quote the lyrics, if I do this article will be prohibited from being published. To be fair though, Omah Lay never shot a music video for the song which rules out the option for TV broadcast to start with, it is still getting massive airwave on radio channels.

No stress by Wizkid

Wizkid went unhinged with explicit lyrics on this one. "she tell me say na me dey make her cum" "she tell me say my loving make her climax" are some amongst more than several quotable example. 

Ginger by Wizkid ft Burnaboy

Wizkid makes the list twice with yet another song off made in Lagos.

"Come make I show you my kponono no dey do like bolo" is a rather catchy line, it is the last thing you'd want to hear from much younger audiences however. The song is still getting mass broadcast, currently being one of the biggest songs in the country.

Fem by Davido

Last but not the least we have fem by Davido, there is no particular reason for this song to be banned, I just wish it would be though because I hate listening to noise.....just kidding. Likewise fem, I don't have any sentiments against the songs or artists on this list. As a matter of fact, they have all been my favorite songs at one point or another.

Personally I feel music is art and art is a form of expression. Trying to filter or dilute the content is a violation of the artist's right. It is also unfair to Nigerian artists particularly when you consider the fact that international explicit songs like Cardi B's WAP amongst countless other examples won't be censored in Nigeria by the same NBC, as a result, the entire procedure becomes one sided and counterproductive.

What are your thoughts? Should NBC stop banning songs? Or should they keep on with it but stopped being biased instead? Kindly share with us in the comments section below.

Content created and supplied by: Sowasayo (via Opera News )

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