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Zee World: Tuesday July 21 Update On Twist Of Fate

On Twist of Fate 21 July 2020 Zee World update, the scene begins with Abhi revealing to Tani that Pragya is his duty and he will safeguard her at any expense. 

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She says on the off chance that he goes, he will lose her and she will go far away from him. He says it is her life and she has option to take her own choices and exits, leaving her irritated. While driving vehicle, he considers text informing the hijacker that he will be at the scene in 15 min. Corporator gets the SMS and his goon offers telephone to him. He gets glad seeing Bulbuľ's message and requests that his goons take Pragya to the setting and once Bulbul comes to advise him. Aaliya sees hireling taking espresso to Abhi's room and tails him. She is astonished to see Purab there and inquires as to for what reason didn't he go with Abhi. She additionally observes Bulbul dozing. 

Purab informs her regarding Bulbul getting ruffian's call and the occurrence from there on, Abhi going to save Pragya. She considers illuminating corporator. Abhi makes a woman call corporator's goons and discloses to them the location, shows a young lady with blue coat and pants and to tell he is donning blue. Goons go to the spot and follow the young lady. Abhi distinguishes them. In the mean time, Aaliya calls corporator and advises him that Abhi is acting the hero Pragya rather than Bulbul and requests that he bring back his goons. 

Corporator calls his goons and requests that they bring Abhi to their sanctum. Goons encompass Abhi. Abhi begins running and goons tailing him. Regular Bollywood type parody proceeds with Abhi racking goons with his minds. Goons at that point encompass Abhi think he got away and reach back their sanctum to educate their manager Corporator. Abhi tails them and considers advising goons. Goon advises corporator about Abhi's break Corporator thinks Abhi adores his significant other and he will attempt to protect her, yet he will ensure he doesn't get his better half. 

Bulbul awakens and gets some information about Abhi. Purab reveals to her how Abhi deceived her, gave resting pills and himself went to save Pragya alone. Bulbul inquires as to for what reason did he let Abhi go alone. Purab says this day is greatest day of our life as Abhi has begun creating affections for Pragya. Aaliya gets strained reasoning Abhi more likely than not protected Pragya and imagine a scenario where Corporator would have uncovered her name to Abhi, she calls Corporator. He gets chafed yet picks call figuring she might need to educate him about Abhi. 

She shouts at him. He requests that her stop her trash and enlighten in the event that she has any information regarding Abhi. She requests that he come and meet her at the present time, else she will advise police that he is the hijacker. Corporator figures he should close Aaliya's part before Pragya and advises his goons to watch out for Pragya until he returns. Pragya doesn't hear goon's sounds and figures Bulbul probably come. 

Tani revealing to Aaliya how Abhi dismissed her valentine's day festivities and left to save Pragya. Aaliya says he did well as she didn't think carefully and thought of valentine day festivities. Abhi on the opposite side is outside ruffian's sanctum. He sees goons caught up with playing a card game around Pragya and considers entering quietly in. Aaliya gets corporator's get and exits quietly. She meets corporator outside house who hollers at her and says in the event that he is gotten, even she will be additionally be gotten. Their battle proceeds and he exits. Bulbul who is sitting with Purab and Daadi sees Aaliya exiting and furthermore thinks back Tanu's test that she will take Abhi from her Pragya and even will stop her and Purab's marriage. 

She follows Aaliya pondering Tanu's test. Abhi enters ruffians sanctum, tosses smoke inside it. Goons frenzy and head out to check. Abhi goes a stands infront of Pragya and she gets cheerful. He says he will torment her more than goons at home. She grins and embraces him. He says he isn't her valentine to embrace her and says they have 2 hours to arrive at home and can battle ont he way. He proceeds with his brainless talks and inquires as to whether she knows alternate way. She says she doesn't have a clue. He says he will message driver, takes out letter and attempts to tear it. She requests that he hold it back, he takes out her bangle. 

She inquires as to for what reason is he having her bangle. He jokes that it is GPS contraption and afterward makes her wear it. He at that point inquires as to whether she needs to eat and takes care of her cake. Tere haath me mera haath ho melody plays out of sight. Pragya thinks this is the best valentine day of her life. She gives him water. He says she needs water more to run, takes care of her water and wipes her tears. Bulbul sees Tani and requests that her quit playing her game. Tani figures she more likely than not come to realize that she is likewise engaged with Pragya's grab. 

Bulbul says she realize she is behind Pragya's capture and to tell where she has kept her. Bulbul says she doesn't possess energy for Schemes and seizing her useless sister and says she is strained as Abhi dismissed her valentine's day festivities and went to protect Pragya. Bulbul is Surprised to hear that. Tanu exits hollering. Bulbul goes to Purab and requests that he accomplish something. Abhi and Pragya's jokergiri begins once more. They begin looking through way out and covers up under boxes seeing hijackers coming in. Abhi says they can't go out till morning. 

Tuesday scene on Twist of Fate closes when Purab goes to chief's office and illuminates him about the entire episode. Chief inquires as to for what reason did he delay such a great amount in taking his assistance and inquires as to whether abhi called him. He says not yet. Chief assembles an earnest conference with his officials. Goons attempt to incite Abhi to come out with their clever words, however Abhi Continues covering up. He considers saving Pragya at any expense. 

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