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"This life is not balance" - Basketmouth reacts to Oyedepo's "threat" about payment of tithe.

Popular Nigerian comedian as reacted to pastor Oyedepo's post on Twitter. Bishop oyedepo had earlier posted on his account, saying that anyone that does pay tithe to the church of God is under a financial curse, he however added that if you can not pay tithe then such a person can never prosper or be rich.

Basket mouth posted on his Instagram handle saying " life no balance". The Nigerian government will threaten us if we don't pay tax or Vat, The church is now threatening us with a curse again if we don't pay tithe.

Bishop oyedepo also went further by saying that paying tithe is covenant obligation that you can't run from. Failure to do this will lead to a financial curse and lack of prosperity.

Life is not balance at all because some people don't even have what to eat and they still pay tithe. Is the pastor insinuating that paying tithe is more important than Faith? Who is basket mouth to challenge a Bishop of the Lord.

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