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I Invited My Girlfriend Over For The First Time And She Did This (Fiction)

Recently I met a girl, whom I loved so much. My love for her started the day I melt her. I was standing behind her in line and I was just admiring the beauty in front of me. It was taking so long for the line to move it was the it became clear to me that something is trying to give me the chance to speak to her.

I started a conversation with her, and to my surprise, she fell for my charming words. We started dating, not long after but she would always frown at the idea of coming over to my place, even though I tried effortlessly to convince her to come.

At last, I was able to persuade this angel of mine. She agreed to come over and spend the weekend at my place. Immediately I heard this, I became so happy, I started putting my house in order. I bought some basic foodstuffs and other items she would need to be comfortable. I even boasted among my friends that my new girl will be coming over.

The expected day came, and there she was, my smile, as I always call her, standing in front of my house. I was so excited and we gave each other a hug.

We went in together holding hands at last my joy will be full, I said to her while she kept smiling like a Hunter's wife. I offered her some portion of the rice which I prepared by myself. She was surprised at the taste of the food and commended me for the effort. I am not a bad cook tho.

We chatted and played several games that are particular to lovers and even promised ourselves that we will never leave each other. There was no dull moment until it was time for her to go to the kitchen and prepare something for us to eat.

She told me she would prepare something I have not eaten before and then i was really anxious to see her cook. I waited patiently in my parlor and would go to make enquiry at intervals.

After about 3 hours, she came out with something that looked like what she wanted to offer to gods. She dropped it on the table and said, "food is ready." I couldn't even looked at what she was calling food. I immediately shouted with anger, "is this a sacrifice."

I lost appetite at the site of the thing she was calling food. She, herself couldn't even eat it. I had no option than to throw it away the next morning.

Being a sharp guy, I told her I wanted to travel to my village the next morning and she would have to go home, that was the last time she held from me.

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