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Woman Made Famous By GIF Makes One Request On Twitter

Pic: Elissa Slater in her famous GIF

One of life’s precious emotions is laughter. It is such an essential ingredient to life that our brain captures every instance where, when and what we laugh about. For Elissa Reilly Slater her outburst on attempt to sip a drink has transformed into the representation of our reaction to a funny post on social media. It is impossible not to think of any social media savvy person who has not been compelled to use her GIF to express hilarious emotion towards a post.

Elissa’s spontaneous and natural outburst on the set of a TV show is loved by millions of people. Which brings the question of who is Elissa Reilly Slater? What show was she on that gifted mankind this wonder? What are GIF’s? And where can you find Nigerian GIF? Which would you choose as the funniest, if there is one?

Elissa Reilly Slater is American fitness and nutritionists specialist who participated in a reality TV show, The Amazing Race season 31. Interestingly, Elissa was a house guest when her sister Rachel Reilly was on Big Brother season 15.

The Amazing Race is a show where contestant in groups of two’s start off an adventure using clues and engaging in tasks to win the race and jackpot. It’s a season long show usually takes contestants to different parts of the world or different parts of a country.

The famous clip was shot when Elissa could not control herself upon the entrance of a contestant arriving at the end of a task.

A Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) is described as a “lossless format for image that supports both animated and static images. Animated GIFs are several images or frames combined into a single file. It was developed 33 years ago by Steve Wilhite a software writer working CompuServe. Steve was looking for a way to animate images in the smallest file size. Basically, GIFs represent a series of images or soundless video that will overlaps continuously without anyone pressing play.

I found quite a few GIFs by Nigerians. It is a lot easier presently as there are many apps devoted to creating this overlapping video that stirs our emotions. It includes GIPHY, GIF Me, GIF Maker, ImgPlay, the pool of creative tools is endless.

Source: Tenor

I decided to explore one of the apps – GIPHY. It came up tops from my search on google. And there are quite awesome GIFs by Nigerians uploaded there.

So please check them out and if you find anyone worthy of eliciting joy simply forward to others. 

Source: Twitter, Reddit

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