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VIDEO:Here Is What Superstar RIHANNA Said About JESUS CHRIST In An Interview That Will Amaze You.

Welcome to this article! In this article, we are going to look at what Superstar Rihanna said about JESUS CHRIST. Yeah! You heard me right.

Oftentimes, we as Nigerians or should I say "religious people" say that most, if not every Superstar are not believers. We often say that Superstars don't go to church, they don't know anything about Christ. I hear people say a lot of things like "Rihanna is Illuminati", "Superstars sold their lives to the devil", etc. My friend, these are wrong thoughts. Besides, as a Christian you are not to judge people. Surprisingly, Superstars are Christians as well. I acknowledge the fact that some are atheists but a good number of them believe in God.

However, let us look at an amazing Superstar based in the USA. I'm talking about RIHANNA! "Clap for her!"👏👏👏.

See her photos:

She has won many awards in her career as a musician. She's indeed a star! She is one of those Superstars that people said that they belong to Illuminati.

Let's see what she said about JESUS CHRIST in an interview that will Shock you and prove you wrong:

Rihanna was directly asked about her relationship with God (JESUS CHRIST) in an interview. Her response was this: “Remembering what’s important in life and understanding that we are individuals with our own relationship to God,” said Rihanna to Glamour U.K.

“When that’s clear, it’s difficult to be bothered by what people think.” Rihanna also posted this to her twitter account…. “When he entered the house, the blind men came to him, and Jesus said to them, ‘do you believe that I am able to do this?’ They said to him, ‘Yes, Lord,'” Mark 9:283.

Wow! That's amazing! Please as Christians, we are not to judge people, judgement is meant for God. If we judge, we are making ourselves hypocrites. Let's stop the habit of saying wrong things about Superstars. They're just showcasing their talent. Also, let's learn from Rihanna, let's stop paying attention to what people say about us and pay attention to what we say to ourselves.

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