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Net Worth: Why The Rich/Celebrities Calculate their Net Worth and what to learn from it.

Most times, measures the net worth of the rich and celebrities because they possess a lot of wealth, It is said that we should count our blessing name them one by one and we will be surprise to know that we worth more or less. Net Worth is not just for pride, boosting, respect or level in the society but it is used to plan for now and future.

Their net worth is when the amount of their assets is greater than their liabilities. Simply put, net worth is the difference between what they possess and what they owe others like debt. When the assets exceed the liabilities, We say its a positive net worth. However, if the liabilities(debts) are greater than the assets, We say its a negative net worth.

Assets= Cash, Car(money value), House(money value), business(money value) etc

Liabilities= Loan, debts, money owing others, etc.

Net Worth= Assets - Liabilities.

Rich people is said to be bankrupt when their net worth is negative and positive Net Worth shows their real worth.

As a rich/celebre in the society, they will like to maintain that status as such the knowledge of their net worth can really help them to work harder and take them to their dream future.

As a Fan, calculate also your Net Worth and be interested in your own, do not be discourage no matter your present net worth, there can be improvement soon, as Rome was not built in a day, just keep working and don't stop working. I will love to see you at the top.

You may wish to share your net worth with us and encourage others on how to grow their net worth by using the comment box. Thank you.

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