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20 Things You Should Never Say To A Lady.

Welcome back esteem readers. Today, I will be bringing to you am interesting and informative article. 20 things you should never say to a lady.

Especially the male folks, we all make mistakes, especially when we are speaking or having a conversation with our wife and girlfriend.

There are some phrases of words that we say to them that you shouldn't say. If you are feel or see the effect of that words,you will pray for the ability to travel back in time few seconds to say something else or to keep your moth shut.

Below are 20 things you should never say to a lady.

1: Is your hair real? well,you shouldn't ask a lady should question because you won't get an answer. Mere looking at the hair you can distinguished if is it real and an attachment.

2: i make money more than you do: it is wrong to remind a lady that you earn more money than her or you are richer than her.

3: How many boys have you sleep with?: This is the dumpiest question ever. What did you want her to answer you. Never say to to a lady.

4: Why haven't you marry?: Wait, this question hurts ladies very much. It makes them feel rejected. Don't ever ask a lady such question.

5: When are you going to have children?: This question is always referred to a wife. It should be said to a lady.

6: Are you pregnant?: Here, this question is common but it is wrong to ask a lady it she is pregnant.

7: Can I kiss you?: They hate this. It is a mood killer. If you think so,go ahead with it. She can only turn her head off or push you out.

8: Is that what you going to wear?: They hate when you say such thing. It makes them think to made the wrong choice of cloth. Say it in a more polite manner.

9: Bitch: Never you call her a bitch. She will always remember it.

10: Cunt: This is the worst thing you can ever call a lady. Delete it from your vocabulary.

11: You are hot: She may try to bait you with that. Don't fall for it.

12: What did you do to your hair: What ever a lady to her hair. Don't say that thing to her. Tell her she looks good and forget it.

13: I hate your friends: You don't have to love her friends. If you tell her you hate her friends that a personal insult to her.

14: Can you pay the bill this time: it funny, just be a man and pay the bill.

15: Is a man thing,you won't understand: if you say that thing to her,it makes feel stupid.

16: I don't care: if she is asking for your opinion, tell her one. You don't have to sat I don't care.

17: You don't look good: Ladies needs compliments. Always tell them what the need to hear. Saying she don't look good makes jee feel low of herself.

18: You are crazy: If you say such words to her. You will see a new level of craziness. Don't say such.

19: Can you cook?: Women are known to be cooks. Yet,she can cook. Say it more politely.

20: You are fat: Don't make her jealous her shape. Speak good of her.

Hope you enjoyed the article.

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