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Five interesting reasons why Calabar girls are so famous

The Calabar people are not one of the bigger ethnic groups in Nigeria, but they are one of the most popular. Just about every one in a Nigerian town or city can mention one 'Calabar' name, the most readily available one being 'Ekaette', wrongly pronounced as Ika-ite.

The people generally called Calabar people because of the geography and the popularity of Calabar, comprises not only of the people living in Calabar city itself, but also as far out as Always Ibom state. So anyone from Cross River State and Always Ibom state is generally addressed as a ' Calabar person' by other ethnic groups in Nigeria.

That said, the original Calabar people are the Efiks. A people rich in culture and traditions. A big part of that culture is how the girls are raised.

The Calabar girls got their reputation by hard-work and a continuous refinement over a very long period of time.

These are five reasons they have become so famous;

1. Culinary arts ( cooking): When it comes to cooking tasty foods there are only two names on the sheet, Calabar girls and others. Their cooking techniques are not some accidental events. They plan and execute cooking a pot of soup more like you might plan to build a house. Everything for the food most enter the pot at the right time. Accidents are not allowed.

By tradition, the Calabar girl or I should say the Efiks train their girl child in the art of preparing food, skills horned from generation to generation until what we have today as the most excellent Cooks in Nigeria.

The very popular afang soup, ekpang akukuo, afia efere ebot etc are some trademark Calabar dishes that keeps people visiting the state.

If you still have any doubt about the status of the Calabar girls as the best cooks in the country, check the highest number of champions of the national cooking competition of Nigeria.

2. They are good house keepers: Apart from cooking delicious meals, the Calabar girl is also an adorable housekeeper. Cleanliness is a serious business for them and their parents teach the girls how to carry out those house chores that ensures the home stays free of diets.

3. They give men all the adoration and attention: Men are egotistic beings, men want that ego massaged regularly, the Calabar girl was told so by her ancestors, so she practices it.

Not all men who marry from Calabar were Bewitched into marriage. Some tasted thorough enjoyment in the hands of the owners of hospitality. No medicine works as hard as the Calabar girl.

They are ready to serve and protect their own.

4. They are very beautiful: Chances are that 8 out every 10 Calabar girls you meet will be good looking. They are famous for huge, inviting curves and infectious smiles.

They are a fine specimen of what beauty should be like and they know how to take care of their beauty.

5. They are legendary lovers: The list would not be complete without this one. They are most famous across the country for their famed ability to satisfy their patners.

They have got your bedroom covered.

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