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Fans plead with Oshodi Oke as she sheds more weight

People feel conscious of a lot of things. Some their size, complexion, how endowed they are both front and back and a lot of things. This makes them do stuffs which would at least make them less conscious of their appearance. 

Ronke Oshodi oke for sometimes now is on a weight loss program. But the weight loss seems to be what her fans do not want. Her fans have asked her to desist from the weight loss program. 

The reactions started pouring in when she shared a video of her trim and prim self dancing on her instagram page. 

Though few love the new her, several others pleaded with her to stop the program.

One Ali wrote “U look pretty though but its enough o b4 u begin to look like Michael Jackson.”

One Blessing wrote “You look ill”

One Aderonke Ogunruku wrote “please stop this weight loss things u’re okay for now…that my view though”

Recalling that Ibironke Ojo Anthony got tongues wagging when she posted pictures of herself looking quite slim. Most insinuated she was suffering from an ailment but she made them all realize she was losing fat as it was the right time she could do such. 

We know say Na see finish, but e get why. They love her but whatever she feels comfortable with is okay by us. We just don't want her to hurt herself in the name of losing weight. 

I drop my pen here, what do you feel about this? 

Drop your thoughts in the comment section and follow for more update. 

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