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Meet Afeez Agoro The Tallest Man In Nigeria Today

We have seen people who were born different or those who has abnormal body growth in some parts of their bodies. You probably haven't seen Afeez Agoro who's the tallest Man in Nigeria. In today's article we would be seeing photos of this public figure and knowing more about Afeez.

Afeez Agoro Oladimeji was born on the 13th of December, 1975 in Lagos State, Nigeria. He is popularly known as Agoro, he's a Nigerian model an actor and a reality TV show star. Agoro is a public figure who is known to be the tallest Man in Nigeria as per Wikipedia. It was confirmed that Afeez Agoro was the tallest Man in Nigeria, he is actually 7 ft’4 inches tall which is really a lot of height when measured.

Afeez Agoro is not only a public figure and a TV reality show star, he's also an actor who has been featured in few comedy skits and some TV shows. Afeez Agoro till date still stands as the tallest man in Nigeria as there hasn't been any contender to object that. Meeting Agoro in person is something most Nigerians would want to achieve, Afeez Agoro had been seen with some Nigeria celebrities and models whom he took photos with, some of these photos can be seen below.

You will probably be asking yourself, how did Afeez Agoro grow so tall. Afeez grew up like every normal child, everything was fine until he fell ill at the age of Nineteen and the condition brought about a rapid growth for in most cases it would be unusual for a nineteen year old to be experiencing such growth mode. Afeez Agoro fell ill several times and grew taller significantly, in other words his condition made him grow taller anytime he gets ill, he grows taller.

Source: Wikipedia

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