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Opinion: WoliAgba Can Buy Over 10 Cars Without Collecting Bribe, He Earns Legitimately From His Job

Ayo Ajewole who's popularly known as 'WoliAgba' is a musician, MC, Actor and above all a Comedian, the talented Instagram content creator have at a point some years ago especially in the late 90's where he and his brother Femi Ajewole were doing comedy via a dance drama, it was there he got known due to his gift and potentials of how he skillfully delivers all his roles.

Fast forward till today which is the era of social media where we now have a lot of content creators, delivering their craft in different ways, Ayo Ajewole's AKA Woliagba's consistency and recognition will never go unnoticed, and it's not surprising but rather inspiring the height he has climbed, in just few years he tapped into the opportunities of exploring the social media.

The father of One who has over 3 million followers on Instagram which includes his Instagram Parish Members known as (IPM),one thing about Ayo Ajewole is his unique way of delivering his crafts him alongside His crew members, especially Dele Omo Woli, the duo are perfect combination made in heaven.

Just few days now, the news of WoliAgba buying 3 brand new cars to three of his crew members have got everyone talking as to how he'll get the money to buy cars worth millions of naira, the news isn't even that he bought 3 cars, but the news is that people talking and ranting as to how he got the money to buy them.

In the last 48 hours, have seen a lot of talks on social media attributing it to WoliAgba, some were of the opinion that perhaps he now collects bribe from government, some said perhaps he has another means of livelihood, but one thing people need to be known about him is simple and aren't far fetched.

He's a talented being, he sings, he acts, he does voice over, He Mc'es occasion and function, also an ambassador for some brands, of which he has so many adverts he runs on his skits, YouTube earnings also and lots more. All this and many more are enough to gather funds and he shouldn't be questioned if he buys 10 brand new cars. 

He's proud husband of a beautiful lady who's a lawyer by course of study and they are blessed with a cute son, together which they all resides in Ibadan.

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