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Forever In Our Hearts: See 5 Legendary Nollywood Actors/Actress Whose Legacy Cannot Be Forgotten.

An adage says "legacy has voice so it can speak". There are lots of people who through putting their utmost best in their endeavors have created commendable marks in their different fields and even after death their impact cannot be forgotten in a hurry. Those who engaged in dubious acts while on Earth will also be remembered but not for good. An adage also says "whatsoever ever you find yourself doing, do it well".

Talking about the Nollywood movie industry, there are so many actors/actresses who helped in shedding light and also bringing the movie industry to it's peak while they were alive. Even after death their legacy still speaks. It is quite unfortunate that the Industry have no plans towards remembering past legends. Some of them died at the peak of their careers as veterans. 

 In this article we shall be discussing about five legendary actors/actress whose legacy cannot be earsed in the Nigerian Movie industry. Throughout their time in the industry they were so focused, they took acting to a professional level thereby projecting the Nigerian Movie industry to the world. Just hang on as we explore through on some selected Veteran Actors/actress who even after death their legacy still speaks.

1. Sam Loco Ife.

It's been 11 years since the Nigerian comic actor died. Talking about the Nigerian legendary comic actor Sam Loco Ife, Sam Loco was a comedian, television personality and comic actor. Through his comic movies, he has put smiles on the face of so many Nigerians through the use of his heavy grammatical words. The fallen hero remained relevant in the industry for over 20 years and at a time became the best performing actor of all time.

Sam Loco Ife Who died at the age of 65 was born on the 25th of December 1945 in Enugu state. His death shook the entire Nigerian movie industry because his demise was a great one; From a high blood pressure due to consistent smoking, Sam Loco Ife died on the 7th of August 2011 in Imo State capital owerri.

Sam Loco Ife originally is from Benin City but spent his early life in Enugu state and Abakiliki where he acquired his first school leaving certificate. Sam Loco Ife lost his father at a very young age, this led him to assisting his mum in her pretty trade business. His first experience with acting was at his primary school when a theatre group came to stage a play called “The Doctor” in elementary school. He played the role of Julius Caesar in a Shakespearean play which earned him a scholarship. Sam Loco was also part of the Biafran soldiers who fought the Biafran war that lasted between 1967-1970.

In 1977 after leaving his sales job career to pursue acting, Sam Loco luckily got featured in the NTA drama series "The God's are not to be blame and in 1992 after been auditioned he got the lead role in a movie titled "langbodo" which caused a lot of trend then.

Sam Loco Ife featured In over 300 movies before his death. His contribution to the growth of the country's movie industry earned his the title (MFR) which means Member of the Order of the federal Republic which is the highest honour awarded to a movie actor. He remained at the peak of his career until death came knocking. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

2. Peter Onwuzurike Onyehidelam (Dede One day)

Peter Onwuzurike Onyehidelam is a comic movie actor, a standup comedian and a philanthropist. His active comic roles in Nigeria movies earned him lots of recognition in the Nigerian movie Industry.

Dede One day who is originally from Imo state spent all his life in Aba; a town in Abia state where he got his First School Leaving Certificate and West African Senior School Certificate. 

Dede One Day is one of the best comic actors in Nigeria. He acts mostly in comedy movies alongside with late Sam Loco Efe, John Okafor, Charles Inojie, Charles Awurum, Victor Ozuagwu, Nkem Owoh and Chiwe Ntaluagu. He is gifted, skillful, creative and talented in acting and interpretation of movie roles. He can fit in any role given to him by movie directors and knows how to interpret his roles in a comic manner.

Dede One day after complications of hypertension and high blood pressure died on the 14th of December 2015 on stage while anchoring an event in Abia state. 

3. Elder Maya Martins Njubuigbo.

Elder Maya Martins Njubuigbo is one of Nollywood's legendary actors who have passed away. Elder Maya Martins Njubuigbo is known for his village chief priest roles in most of his movies. He acted for over 20 years before death snatched him from his fans.

After series of liver complications, Elder Maya passed on at the age of 82 which makes him the oldest Nollywood actor when he was alive. He and other thespians in the industry made childhood lively. Elder Maya Martins cannot be forgotten in a hurry.

4. Geraldine Ekeocha

Late Geraldine Ekeocha is one of Nollywood legendary actress, television personality and a philanthropist. Her personality in the industry gave her the maximum Respect she deserve while she was alive. She have acted alongside Sam Loco ife, Ukwa etc

Geraldine who is a native of Imo state was born on 15th June 1955 in Imo State but spent most of her life In Enugu state. Her movie career also started in Enugu state with little or no support from parent.

She is well knowned for acting mother roles, she also spice up her acting with little comic roles. Geraldine Ekeocha featured in over 80 movies and several soap operas with many of them still running on air. The entire movies industry was julted by her demise on the 4th of September 2011.

May her soul continue to rest in peace. 

5. Enebeli Elebuwa.

Enebeli Elebuwa is one of Nigeria's legendary actors who have passed away but their legacy still remains. Enebeli Elebuwa was born on 14th February 1947 in Delta State in the south southern part of Nigeria.

Enebeli Elebuwa began his acting career over 20 years ago, featured in over 200 movies. He was one of the most respected Nigerian movie actors when he was alife. His major roles was kingship roles, some epic and action movies. 

Enebeli Elebuwa before his death has been honored with a Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR) by the Federal Government of Nigeria for his contribution in the Nigerian entertainment industry. He has been described by many media organizations as a Nollywood legend. 

On the 5th December 2012, Enebeli Elebuwa died in New Delhi India after been flown overseas for medical treatment.

He was one of the founding fathers of Nollywood and contributed immensely to the growth of Nollywood in Nigeria and rest of the world.

All these people amongst many others have contributed positively in Nollywood. They deserved to be remembered. We pray they have found eternal rest. 

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