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Secondary Education


Secondary School Character And Moment That Will Be So Amazing To Remember

The most interesting moment of everyone's life is secondary or high school days, because it's the moment we where fill with joy, love and happiness in the onset stage of our lifes.

Some had an amazing moment back then that they can't forget while older had a different story..

Check Out the list to see where we fall in and remember the good old days

What was your character?? Check it out...

1. Making noise in the class

2. Like to copy notes for people

3. Fighting

4. Late coming

5. Leaving the school before closing

6. Playing with Boys

7. Asking your teachers questions while teaching

8. Always reading

9. Always quiet in class

10. Playing football

11.Hanging around

12. Not reading your books

13. Friendly with teachers

14. Always writing love letters

15. Love to read novels

16. Sleeping

17. Eating

19. Monitoring

20. Playing Games

21. Not always in school

22. Did not go to school

23. Was a prefect

24. Always not in class

25. Stealing books

26. Stealing biro-pencils

27 . Not friendly

28. Looking for trouble

29. Always forget to write your homework and copy in

the morning

30. Always play with girls

31. Be with girl/boiz in a quite place

32. Afraid of being beaten

33. Never afraid of being beaten

34. Doesn't keep secret

35. A legend in lying.

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