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Divorce Affair

Man Celebrates Remarriage To Wife After 10 Years Of Separation

Truth be told, marriage is full of difficulties. It is always going to be difficult when two entirely different people come together to become one. Challenges arises and it demands great maturity on the part of those in the marriage to rise above the challenges. Sadly, many marriages have bent to challenges and have resulted to seperation and even divorce.

Babasola Kuti, a Nigerian man based in the United Kingdom who has been seperated with his wife for over 10 years as come out to celebrate his remarriage. And some point during the 10 years, he and wife were divorced. However, they have recently sorted out their issues and have gotten married once again.

Their love story started over 30 years ago and they got married in 1996. However, 15 years into the union, their marriage hit the rocks. However, they have been able to settle their differences and move on. The man celebrated the remarriage stating that impossible things can happen and love should never be given up on.

RealAmebo sees this as a very touching story and one in which conflicting couples should learn from. Give love a chance and resolve your differences. The marriage you feel is of no good and a waste of time could actually be able what you need to be happy. All you need to do is put a little effort to make your marriage work.

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