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I Feel Like Ending It All, Sniper Is The Best Thing For Me Now -Lady Cries Out

We have seen and read posts written by unhappy people on social media, we saw how many ended it in a wrong way, while some pick up the little piece of their life and moved on very fast.

After this Covid19 Menace, its effect on most people has been disheartening, some haven't been able to get back to how they were before Covid19, many are thriving to survive that is why I always tell some people to encourage one another no matter how small.

A young Nigerian lady identified as Cheka Esther has taken to social media to speak up on her current state of mind. In her words, she wrote I feel like ending it all, I'm depressed and the sniper is the best thing for me now.

I felt for this young lady cause no one knows what she has been through in the past days that made her want to take her life, her posting might have left her with no other choice, but to do it.

Anyone seeing this post, if you know any of her people, kindly reach out to this lady before she does something harmful to herself, a lot of people are passing through trying times.

A depressed person doesn't mind doing anything to put an end to the stress and depression that is why she needs someone to calm her nerves now, she needs help, she needs who to hold on to and talk to.

Her friends in the group where she posted about it on social media have stormed her post to react to it, some are begging her not to try what she is about to do.

If you are here and you are feeling the same way most of the time, I bring to you the light of God, you are above your problems, your life is bright and it will continue to shine bright. Suicide is never an option no matter what you are facing, never make it an option cause it's not worth it.

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