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Timeless Advise From Veteran Actor Joke Silva To Help Your Marriage

It is very unusual for celebrities marriages to last, many of these marriages don't last for a year (some shorter). In fact, these days, it’s almost expected that the married will hit the rock soonest. But despite the downfall of many, a few Nollywood relationships have stood the test of time, overcoming the various challenges that come their way.

Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva are one such couple who have stood the test of time. The veteran actors have been together since 1981 when they met at the National Theatre in Lagos. Almost 40years together, two children, they are still in love as when they first met.

Joke Silva as she is called in the industry says that like many marriages theirs also went through storms but instead of it to separate them, they used it as a learning curve. They both learn to forgive each other. She says "I learned that marriage is not a destination; it’s a continuous journey.

In an interview with an online newspaper, Joke Silva admonish couples that if they want to have successful marriages they should do these things: 

1. Know the person you are married to - understand each other

2. Trust the person you are in a relationship with

 3. Have respect for each other

She says once saw that her husband Olu Jacobs was always desiring what was best for her, she had to also learn what was best for him and do it. This decision finally made them be on the same page of commitment to the success of their marriage.

Olu Jacobs says he does not have a problem with his wife maintaining her maiden name. "She had her identity before I met her, why change that"? She is Mrs. Jacobs at home and that is good enough for me he says.

Joke Silva says about the option of divorce in marriage "I think that if you are in a situation that you cannot tolerate bearing in mind that we all of us have different thresholds of pain be it emotional or otherwise. Please if you have reached your threshold, life is not hard, please carry your load and go. Because if you leave they will talk and if you stay they will still talk. There are some people who needed to leave because they wanted to maintain their sanity if they didn’t leave they will go mad. There is life after a divorce".

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