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What I Always Do That Elevates My Articles 'Reach & Clicks' On Opera News Hub

Opera news hub has really done alot good to many citizens of this country, who derives pleasure in writing. I must commend Opera for putting extra income in our pockets over the last few years.

Despite how helpfully Opera News hub has been to both the readers and the writers, some writers have registered their displeasure with the system recently, as well written articles no longer gets the reasonable reach like before. Also, writers complain on frequent and unusual rejection of articles on the hub lately.

Well, I'll be sharing with you my little secret on how I was able to elevate My reach to a reasonable figure, and also how I was able to reduce my rejection rate nearest minimum.

Here is my secret secret.

- I try to anticipate what the readers mostly like to read. Now for the past five months I've been on this hub, I noticed that readers don't want boring article. They don't want you to tell them what they already know. Readers are continually looking for some new information. What is that information, strange fact or story that surprises you or adds to your knowledge when you find out about it? For instance, topics like: people born with two heads around the World, pictures of rare guns around the World, things you can do with a rubber Band that you probably don't know, the most tallest person in the world, reals characters behind some animated movie, how to prepare a certain food, fictional stories, reasons why you are born with certain types of birth marks, e t c. The above topics provides readers with facts about certain thing that some readers may be finding out for the very first time. Hence, they will be compelled to view the contents.

Again if you notice, these topics are not current news which will lose their value after 1 or two days. These kinds of articles keeps on circulating in Opera News hub even after you must have been paid for them, unlike breaking news that becomes outdated after one or two days.

-I further notice that articles with lots of pictures often attracts readers to click. It further attracts readers to follow you if you include detailed info on your article, in a manner that the reading flows smoothly. So I always try my best to make sure I included lots of pictures and details in my articles as possible. In case you don't know, some readers value pictures even more than the awrite-ups.

-Another other important point that is helping to boost my articles reach is: capturing the catchy part of my write-up at the beginning of my title. For those whose articles usually have longer titles, you know that Opera News normally truncate the last portion of your tittle when popping the news for readers to read. Therefore capturing the catchy part of your article at the beginning will make readers to easily see your article and eventually click on it.

-On the aspects of rejection, I noticed that Opera don't like very revealing images and also images that are likely going to cause some readers to threw up. They tag those images 'racy and sexual' and 'disgusting images' respectively. Now what I always do is to avoid revealing images at all cost. But when it becomes necessary that I use one, I ensure I use a picture editing app to paint black all the revealed areas. For disgusting images, I used my instinct to select and remove pictures that looks disgusting to me before posting. although their other reasons why Opera may reject an article, the above two reasons are common to me, that's why I dwell on them only.

-Another thing that helped me was creative thinking. Once I came up with an idea on my mind, I used to search the hub to check whether someone has written about it already. If someone has already written on that same idea, I forget about it and look for another one. This helps me in creating original contents on the hub.

-Lastly, I noticed that original articles with longer contents are quickly published by the hub compare with articles with very limited contents. So I tried my best to make my articles a little lengthy as this will also help to increase reading Time bonus.

So that's it, those are the tricks that use to get me a high reach. And we all know that high reach means high click. I am not bragging but from the beginning of this month to today, my total clicks is already more than 900k. And I'm looking forward to reaching 2million clicks before the month runs out.

Hope you find this article useful. Thank You.

Content created and supplied by: AKONIMI (via Opera News )

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