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Remember 'Commando'? See How He Now Looks After He Survived A Second Heart Surgery

Remember 'Commando'? See Recent Photos Of Him After He Survived A Second Heart Surgery

The real name of the famous Hollywood actor many people know as Commando is actually Arnold Schwarzenegger. He played the protagonist in the 1985 blockbuster movie titled Commando. He has been in acting in movies for 51 years now and it safe to say that he is a veteran actor

It may surprise you to know that he is one of the most respected bodybuilders in the world. In Bodybuilding, he conquered the world by winning the Mr. Olympia contest 7 times and the Mr. Universe title 3 times. Aside from being a retired professional bodybuilder, and an actor, he is also a politician and was the Governor of California for 8 years.

23 years ago Commando survived a first heart surgery he underwent to correct a heart defect, and in a recent post on Instagram, he revealed that he recently underwent a second heart surgery to balance the first one and it was successful and he is recuperating just fine

A heart surgery is a very delicate surgery and it is a miracle for anyone to survive even one not to talk of two. Please say something to this amazing actor.

Thank God for your health also because I don't think you are richer or hit the gym better than Commando, but God has kept you away from surgery. His grace is sufficient enough for us. Amen

See how he now looks after the surgery

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