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Zee world: Is this a sign that people have started losing interest on Zee world shows?

Zee world is an English-Bollywood TV channel located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The channel was launched on 3 February 2015. The channel usually dubs films from Hindu and Marathi into English.  

This becomes an opportunity for all Bollywood fans that can neither speaks nor understand the language the films were originally produced in, to easily perceive more of the beauty in Bollywood. 

But what surprises me, is how some fans from all over the world are now loosing interest on the films the TV channel broadcasts. 

We can't figure out a single reason, but recent researches have shown that the storyline in which almost all of their films follow, comes out to be closely identical. 

Other people even suggested that, watching Zee world is a total waste of time. But we can't stick to that, since Zee world is an entertainment channel, Not all people will love it.  

Some people have their interest stuck in watching football. While to others, football is a total waste of time.

Same goes with Wrestling and others.    

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