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4 Horror Movie Villains Who Always Cheat Death And Survive At The End

4. Chucky the killer doll in the Chucky franchise

The iconic foul-mouthed doll, who is a serial killer have suffered various horrible fate such as being torn apart, buried alive, burned alive and shot through the heart.

No matter how gruesome his suffering was he always found a way to crawl back from the grave to cause more mayhem and destruction.

3. Freddy Kreuger from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise

Freddy Kreuger the nightmare monster, for 9 movies have always been killed, however, he always finds a way to always overcome death and come back to haunt people's nightmare.

2. Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise

The tall and silent killer of the Halloween universe has always found different ways to survive different damages done to him, from being burnt alive, beaten by a mob and even shot multiple times.

With up to 10 movies to his name, this hulk of a killer has always denied death the pleasure of taking him.

1. Jason Voorhees from the Friday The 13th franchise

Everyone who is a fan of horror movies will know that no one has escaped from death more than the slasher of Camp Crystal Lake. 

He has been shot, blown apart, he even fought against Freddy Kreuger, sent to hell, for almost 13 movies, you can say he has become the king when it comes to cheating death.

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