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Myths In Nigeria They Made Us Believe When We Were Kids

  1. Do not stretch your hand in the rain, or else thunder will strike you. 
  2. Do not point at a grave or burial ground because your hand will dry off. When you point at a grave, you must bite all your ten fingers 
  3. Atlantic and Pacific ocean are husband and wife before they turned into water. 
  4. You don't whistle in the night, it attracts evil spirit. 
  5. You don't say a baby is heavy or light in Yoruba land, It is addressed to corpse, you should rather say, the baby don't have weight.
  6. Oduduwa (the father of Yoruba land) descend from heaven to Ile Ife. 
  7. A baby should not fall down from the mother's back, it is seen as an abomination. 
  8. Once a lizard swallow your broken teeth, it will never grow again. 
  9. We know our age by our height, the tallest is the eldest. 
  10. Your saliva should not be step on by another person, it will cause throat pain.
  11. You don't sit on a mortal when its raining, because it will provoke the God of thunder. 
  12. Masquerade are from heaven, they only comes to the world to check the living. 
  13. When there's rain and sun at the same time, it means an Elephant is giving birth. 
  14. Tortoise has as unsmooth shell because it fell from the sky. 

However, most of this myth were used to scare, protect or entertain us back then. 

Do you know any other myth they made you believe in your environment? You can drop it in the comment box. 

Happy weekend. 

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