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Between Hushpuppi, and Mayweather, Who Has More Swag?

Floyd Money Mayweather is an American professional boxer, promoter and former professional boxer.

Floyd mayweather, is popularly known as THE MONEY MAN Or the undefeated Champ. Floyd, finished his boxing career undefeated 50-0 woww. And as we all may know floyd, has taste in luxury.

from expensive watches, cars, Jets, phones, shoes, clothes and so on.

Here are some Stunning pictures of Floyd Money Mayweather.

Before Floyd retired, in his last fight he pocketed a whopping of $300 million dollars that a lot of money and his estimated networth is about $1billion dollars.

And for sure this man knows how to dress, he's always looking stunning and beautiful but sweet soup na money kill am ooo when your rich you can buy whatever you want to look good

Ray hushpuppi is a Dubai based Nigerian socialite, businessman and philanthropist.

He is well known for his lavish lifestyle on social media platforms.

Raymond hushpuppi flashy lifestyle involves private jets, buying costly drinks in club, pictures in luxury hotels, cars, yacht and buying expensive cars, watches, shoes and clothes. Cause Hushpuppi too got the swag cause he's always looking good and stunning.

The man is always dripping cause for real hushpuppi knows how to drip. If you're following Hushpuppi on Instagram you’ll know what am talking about the man is always looking fresh.

Here are some Stunning pictures of Floyd Hushpuppi.

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