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Boo of the Booless- Telling our stories

The beauty of music is that it can always soothe you and for some of us we connect more to songs that we can relate to. 

Chike Ezekpeazu Osebuka popularly known as Chike has released his anticipated album Boo of the Booless and he is truly everyone’s boo. 

Boo of the Booless basically tells us the stories of different people, it’s telling our stories. 

I dare say that every single person can relate to at least one song on this album and it cannot be argued that Chike didn’t spend time creating this album. 

“Beautiful People” talks about how the people in your life affect you. You know that thought of holding the ones you love close to you so you don’t lose them? That’s the vibes it gives me.

“Nakupenda” is that song you sing when you want to be gingered to shoot your shot. You know that moment when you have a crush on someone in your class and all you do is stare. You don’t have the mind to simply say hello and your crush decides to take matters into their hands. Ric Hassani was featured in this single and you just know that it is simply beautiful. 

 “Out of Love” is hands down my favorite even though it’s my worst fear. That moment when the one you are dating slowly pulls away because the love is dead. This is closely followed by “Faithful” that tells the tale of a person in a happily committed relationship until he/she comes in contact with another person that ignites something in them. I mean this is happening isn’t it? 

He teams up with M.I Abaga to bring us what will be the love song of the decade “Forever”. And of course there’s that song you will want to sing to your spouse at your wedding simply because it says everything you would want to say to your lover “Amen” “Roju” 

If you are in search for love, like you are aggressively searching like our brothers and sisters of God When international ministry you are going to be encouraged as you journey to your happily ever after. And in case you meet someone who isn’t really serious, those people who clearly are in interested something other than love but lie about it, you will know what to say to them.

It talks about healing/forgiveness and why we must take some time after every relationship that ends before we enter a new one. You know how we might be broken after 5 relationships in 2 years that we cease to enjoy anything new because we are constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or the feeling of anger we have towards our exes that we don’t notice our life fading away. 

There’s that love letter a mother writes to her child that just makes you want to tear up and there’s also a love letter to God.

It’s impossible to not identify with any of the stories. 

Boo of the Booless is available in every streaming platform. 

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Faithful Forever M.I Abaga Nakupenda Out of Love


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