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These Pictures Will Surely Crack You Up

Being a Nigerian is a full time work, it goes from problems to problems to problems. It involves a lot of stress to live in this country and it almost never ends.

This is why you need to lighten up, release that tension from time to time and "catch cruise" as they say. So what better way to help with that than by sharing these funny pictures and memes.

What are memes, you say? Okay, "Memes are images, videos, or pieces of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations."

I'll break it down to simply jokes in the form of picture. Simple.

Without wasting much of your precious time, here are the 20 most hilarious memes I gathered for you. Stick to the end for your benefit. *Winks*

* No Cap, Spiderman style only.


* Cat wondering what's up?


*Use original always

*Don't blame me.

* I'm sorry

*Wehdone boss.

Lol, no need to thank me you're welcome. I'm sure those pictures cracked you up.

Simply do well to like, leave a comment and share. Thanks.

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