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105 Year Old Woman Meets Her 5th Generation Grand Baby For The First Time.

A 105 year old woman living in Maryland, Virginia held her great great grand child for the very first time. it was also the first time that 5 generations of the very the same family shared a remarkable moment together in the same room.

Photo Of 105 Year Old Anny Barry With Her Great Great Grand Baby.

Photo Of Anny Barry Daughter, Beth

Photo Of Anny Barry Grand Daughter.

105 year old Anny Barry held her 1 week old 5th generation grand daughter, Olivia in her hands for the first time.The 5 generations of Anny Barry gathered to celebrate her 105th birthday in Maryland. Anny Barry was acutely aware that she is a living history.

Anny Barry was born in Mississippi during the rise of the clan in 1914, like others she migrated to the north. Her daughter Beth said grand daughter Anny recalled many times withnessing segregation in the South. "Mom will always grab our hands and say y'all come on now, come on, come on, She understood but we didn't understood why. We had to sit at the back and eat. She said to me before I leave this Earth, I will see a black President" she narrarted.

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Photo Of Teenage Anny Barry.

Photo Displaying Segregation Statement On Sign Boards

Photo Displaying The First Black President Of America.

When Miss Anny Barry was asked what she hope for her great great grand baby, she replied "I want her to be kind, loving and do what mama say do".

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