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Meet Mama Rainbow's first son Femi Phillips who 'stole her heart' after her husband's death.

When any woman loses her husband her male children becomes her husband and takes up the role of a lover in her life. This is because they would make her feel the true love of her husband.

Veteran Nollywood actress Idowu Phillips known as Mama Rainbow is a widely known name in the movie industry. She ventured into the production world through her late husband, Augustine Ayanfemi Phillips Oroniyi of the Osumare theatre group who died 37 years ago after 10 years of marriage.  

 Lonely and without a confidant, the former nurse decided never to remarry but to be eternally married to the children she had with her husband, a promise she is still faithful to.

 She has successfully raised all her children and there is one of them that acts as her husband making her do things you can't expect from her age. Femi Phillips, who bears almost the same name as his father has been like a husband to his mum. The reason is so obvious, he is the first son of the family and has acted as one so well that his mother at times calls him 'daddy wa' meaning our daddy.

Though Femi lives in the United Kingdom, he is never far from his mom as he frequently visits home to see her and puts smiles on her face. With Femi around, Femi takes Mama Rainbow dancing lessons of the youth with Femi as her partner. When Femi is unable to visit mama Rainbow makes a dash to visit him especially when she needs a break. 

May the Heavens allow all mothers to reap the fruit of their labour and may all children do well in taking care of their parents.

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