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“I lied about my relationship status before” Laycon reveals in an interview

Everybody has their dark secrets that they believe should be kept away from others, among those who have kept their secrets from others is Laycon, who was sharing some of his secrets on a YouTube show with Kraks TV on a game titled “Never Have I”. In the game, he was asked some questions in which IG he had done he would have to drink a shot of Vodka to each question he has done before.

So he was asked if he had lied about his relationship status before, and he said yes that he has lied about his relationship status before, but it was a long time thing. In his revelation, he made it known that he remembered when he was still younger he always lied about his relationship status not because he wanted to lie but he just had to do it.

He said back then whenever he’s talking to a lady, even though he didn’t plan on going into a relationship with the girl, but if the girl asked if he had a relationship he used to say no, just to make sure they keep up with their conversations, although he knew it’s a bad thing to lie about your relationship status.

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