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Picture Story: How a Young man who was Stranded on an island got rescued

The story below is represented in pictures for easy understanding and your entertainment. It is the story of a man who got stranded on an island. After he sought help which never came, he settled into the island and lived there all by himself. This man came back to the hut where he kept all the little things he was able to gather for himself only to find it ablaze. Story picture and credit goes to "dermic" story. This man cried hard and was angry at God. However, his help came by this means. The moral of the story is that we should be patient with God in any situation we find ourselves. God knows and cares about you in all situations. Instead of being aggrieved in some situations, we should learn to give God the glory because he said in his word, that we should give thanks to him in all circumstances we see ourselves.

This story is a story of encouragement for everyone so if you found it interesting please share. It also teaches that hard work is rewarding. If this man never picked himself up to work hard and gather up those burnt items, who knows, he never would have been rescued. Did you learn anything from this story? Share your comments in the comment box down below

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