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"He was once a motorcyclist but now a millionaire" - read the success story of Mr Nicholas.

Do you know success is easy to achieve? Spend few minutes reading this article and you will forever live to appreciate it. Your dream will actualize if you can read through this write-up. Don't stop on the way,it is better not to start a journey than make an incomplete one.

Success is a term that means different things to different people. Nevertheless, success has one basic view. It is an ability to break limits,change records and attain a new height. You can be successful in a field where I can't be successful while I can be a successful content creator for Opera news hub and you might not be successful as a content creator. This defines the concept that success starts with a positive mind nurturing a great passion. There is no success in whatever you lack passion for. When you have no reason to continue,your passion will be your drive. There are things you don't know, that's why you are yet to attain your desired height.

Mr Nicholas is my uncle who never went to university. His brothers were serious with education and was keen to studying in the university,but that was another side of a coin for Mr Nicholas.

He hates reading and studying,and that had caused a division between him and his serious teachers who don't tolerate his nonchalant attitude towards education. This gave Mr Nicholas more reason to stop going to school.

My uncle, Mr Nicholas stopped schooling at primary 6. His three brothers and two sisters furthered their education to the university. He was the only odd one in the family. This aroused both insults and discriminations that he can't fluently speak English.

I am still marvelled by the courage of my uncle. He never felt inferior to his siblings or friends despite the insults.

One day,he decided to take a bold step to what he love. My uncle loves to ride bicycle,he can do anything for you, just to borrow your bicycle.

After all his siblings had resumed school and he was the only one left at home,his father decided to positively engage him into doing something meaningful.

He was asked what he wanted to do as at the tender age of 15 and he boldly said he wants a motorcycle. "I want to be a motorcyclist" he said.

He told me how ashamed he was for the first time in his life. Because his siblings and parents couldn't help but screw him,and abuse him with their words. For the first time, his father made this statement, "I regret having you as a son".

My uncle began to feel worthless and less Important. His father was rich but not so rich,he can actually provide everything his family needs. His father felt he was bringing shame to the family and so neglected him.

When he couldn't tolerate it any longer,he ran out of their beautiful home. Mr Nicholas began to live with his friend which is a motorcyclist. His friend taught him how to ride a motorcycle and after some months of hardwork,he was able to buy his own motorcycle.

Mr Nicholas knew he can't succeed in education and decided to venture into what he love,what he has the passion for and what he will give his best to.

He will have to struggle in hot sun and rain whenever his motorcycle develops fault. You will never see him complain about the challenges of his motorcycle because he love doing it.

After his friend travelled out of the country in search of greener pastures, Mr Nicholas can't pay the rent because he just bought the motorcycle few months before,and that caused him to take a new decision. You might question the decision but I tell you,his decision meant life to him and that brought him where he is today.

He decided to travel to his village. He went to the village and began to hustle again with his motorcycle. He was so focused and determined that nothing seems to be a distraction to him, not even food. He might not eat from daybreak to noon. He was working hard and forgetting about his unrealistic parents who don't want to consider his plight other than to compare him to others.

Things began to go well for him,he was every passengers choice. They all love his humility and relationship with his customers. Most people will wait till he drops off a passenger before going to their destination.

With that development,he was able to buy a new motorcycle after two years of purchasing the first one.

He gave a friend the old motorcycle to ride on a condition to always pay a fixed amount of money every week. This added more income to his pocket and so he was succeeding greatly.

Within 5 years of being a motorcyclist, he had bought 22 motorcycle and having people riding them and paying the fixed commission.

At then he met one customer who suggested he should enhance his transportation business. The man gave him some ideas which he positively adpoted. He opened a motorcycle transport company where people can come directly and board a motorcycle.

Mr Nicholas began to think of the best way to accomplish what his customer suggested and he found an answer to his quest.

He began to buy buses,he first bought a damaged bus which he repaired. He began to ride the bus for commercial transportation while his motorcycle business is running.

That was the breakthrough to transportation business. 4 years after he bought his first bus,he was able to own 31 buses. My uncle was 25 years when he opened a transportation company. That was 10 years after he left his father's house.

He is 33 years now and had opened different transportation company in different places. He had also engaged into selling of buses. He buys old buses or damaged buses and ensures his mechanical company work on them which he resells after completion.

One of the most thing that intrigues me to know is 'result'. I know Mr Nicholas didn't go to school or wasn't formally educated properly but I know he has some secrets that has guided him all these years of challenges.

I went up to him one day and gradually I began to engage in a deeper discussion with him when he told me his story and the secrets that has kept him.

Look below!

One great wisdom about success is that it comes easy. You will doubt it; won't you?

Yes! You will. Because I can actually sense that suspense in your mind,as you might be deliberating within yourself now, "if it was true,why haven't I succeeded despite my efforts" this is the thought running in your mind,isn't it? The fact that success can be easily achieved doesn't mean you will face no challenges or thriving times. But you will find it easy to handle because you already knew the secret.

The difference between you and I is information and the uniqueness that exist in you and I is in the utilization of the information that comes our way.

Don't get me wrong because you now have the feeling that I might want to beat about the bush. Let's see the reality aspect.

Get a pen and a paper and write your greatest dream on it. Below the written dream,write boldly the word 'success'.

I had written mine now,and I hope you had also written yours. There is something similar in what we both wrote. It was our dreams;your dream and my dream. And we both wrote the same word lastly. That word was 'success'. Despite how bold you wrote your success,it is different from mine because it was written by two different persons. Having two different hands means two different writing.

Do you know the meaning of what you just did? You wrote your dream in few minutes;how easy was it? You wrote the word success in some seconds and I hope it took you nothing to do so. That clearly defines that your dreams are easy to fulfill just as you have easily written it. Nevertheless you had this dream in your mind but you are able to make it a reality in a paper. Therefore you should understand that your dreams can be a reality only if you can get it out of your imaginations. Don't feel inferior,if you can be able to write your dream on a paper,then you can get it out of that paper to the world.

Writing it on a paper simply means it is already planned and designed. Every dream you have nurtured should be planned and designed in a way you desire it to fulfill.

You wrote success after writing down your dream on a paper,isn't it? Success is so easy to achieve as you have written it on your paper. It was your writing,and you wrote it with your hands.

Your dream is of your own making,you have to decide whether to actualize it or not, nobody will ever do that for you. You are the one to write your success story. Because,if you fail today, nobody will care about those who contributed to your failures,all they care is whether you succeeded or failed. They could only boast of taking part in your success story,only when you have succeeded.

The main drive of success is passion. I am writing this not because someone will pay me instead I love doing it. Even if I had just 10 persons to read this,how glad is my soul. But I will feel sad if you ask me to ride a bus for a day around the town and get paid $200 like my uncle. I wouldn't mind writing articles like this all through the day. That is how passion can drive you.

Some other person like my uncle,Mr Nicholas will never find any happiness writing, adding to the fact that he hates things related to education. He had a passion that has positively driven him to achieve his dreams. Hence,he won't accept a fee of $200 just to write a narrative essay about himself.

Therefore, if what you are doing now is not what you love doing then quit. Don't do something because of the benefits or the rewards you will gain by doing those things. Because,when those rewards cease to exist,you will actually find no reason to continue. Passion is the main lead that grows into love which is the greatest guide to every great achievement

You have to search in you and follow what you love though it is yet to bring you your desired results. One day you will find the true value of what you are doing and it will suprise you to know that some people have been noticing your uniqueness.

I asked you to write your greatest dream because you have to clearly define what you want. You might want to do this and do that, maybe you want to practice every career in the world. I hope you must have heard of 'Jack of all trades but a master of none', probably you must have heard or read that phrase somewhere. It doesn't end in having passion instead you have to nurture that passion.

If you want to be a singer or a musician,you must have clearly defined that desire. You don't have to decide to study accountancy in the university with the view that if music won't work for you then being an account might positively substitute it. You see, your dream is not defined. Basically you have no dream in that connectivity. Your dream is a desire of wealth and riches. That's why you want to join the moving train,so you could reach your selfish interest.

You should choose what you want to do and groom it. As someone who wants to be a musician,you might decide to attend a music school or enroll for musical training,read musical books, practice music daily and most of all love music with everything you have.

You might have a good plan but don't have the right information. That is the reason I decided to share this wisdom with you. You might have a great dream of becoming this or that, doing this and that for the world but don't know where to start and how to go about it. That is the reason you need the right information and not just having the right information but also, being able to use it positively to create change.

The value and worth you place on your dreams determines how you will relate with it. Some persons are shy to proclaim their dreams, some feel less capable and unable to handle such success.

You should endeavor to be good at what you are doing;be the best of your kind. Even if you are not the best,be amongst the best. With that exceptionality and excellency, people will want to support youe dreams.

One of the greatest enemy living in every human is comparison and if not handled properly,will have a negative effect on you, because you will want to become whom you are not. Some persons spend their years trying to impress people. Some others want to be like some people, forgetting that everyone is uniquely made and that is a clear reason you should recline with yourself.

Did I mentioned that I was actually stating some secrets behind Mr Nicholas' success. Yes! I was actually giving you the secrets to having your most success. Mr Nicholas is happily a 33 years old millionaire who wasn't educated but was more leaned than those that saw the walls of a university. Every bit of Mr Nicholas'story has one or two information to pass across,each sentence,each phrase and each word had an impression and impact to make. Value it!

I am not speaking against education but I am killing limitation. Don't ever think that you are less than anyone because of what others had achieved which you are yet to achieve.

That's not all!

To be sincere, pages won't be enough for me to complete these amazing secrets, like i explained above,it is all about the information you receive and how you utilize it. I am the one who shared the information with you, but you can benefit from it more than I do because you saw the light in it. You daily need these informations. I will always keep you updated,it's a promise. Click the follow icon and follow up Immediately,so you won't miss the basic secrets of Mr Nicholas which I will be posting soon.

Finally,if you want money in a forest,you will eventually see a monkey,which you will neglect. But if you want a monkey,you will eventually get the money. Hence,if you can get the monkey, you already have the money by selling it. Only those that carefully read the article will understand.

Share to your friends, Social media platforms and loved ones just as I had shared this with you while I am going to post more. Don't be stingy with the information, sharing informations helps you to get enlightened more and learn new ways to utilize that knowledge.

Take to the comment section below to err your views, opinions and suggestions also don't forget to ask your questions,as I will get to them soon. Like the article if you learnt something from reading this.

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