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Monday Afternoon Jokes July/20/2020.

1.Sometimes, it is not your village people that are disturbing you at night it is your bedsheets.*Please WASH IT...

2.The longer you stay single, the more they chew your future wife.Na reality I tell u......I just heard my Ex was hit by a truck.....This world sef......I hope nothing happened to the truck.

3.I remember in my Secondary School Days,**My best moment was"If U know U haven't paid Ur School fees,* *carry Ur bag & Go home"*Instantly I always turn to flash.

4.Be careful who you date nowadays. A lot of people are looking for help, not love* I was in a taxi today and the taxi driver said,"I love my job, I'm my own boss. Nobody tells me what to do..."Then I said, "turn Left"I hate nonsense.

5.Dangote is claiming to be my father but I rejected him...Can’t afford to be described as the son of a common cement seller...Nonsense!!!*.

6.Our elders are dyeing their grey hair to black, while our youths are spraying their black hair to grey....Confused generation.

7.If as a lady, u re fastin dis corona era n still livin wit a man dat has nt paid ur bride price, Aunty mak eba n eat.Don't starve urself 4 notin.*

8.Nigerian film will not kill me....wat is electrical pole doing inside EVIL FOREST!!!....If you have never spoken Chinese in your life.............My dear today it's your chance,repeat these words fast.........MY SHOE SHALL SOON SHINE".

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