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Remember Allison From The Thunder Mans Nickelodeon TV show? See Recent Pictures

Ryan Newman who played the role Allison, the love interest to max thunder man ( jack griffon).

In the new season twin Phoebe (Kira) and max (jack griffon) are dealing with the new family dynamic that changes their lives forever, and face been expose, after a close friend of theirs knew their family secret... Which Ryan Newman take part in this interesting TV show.

She is an america actress, singer and model.

Full name; Ryan Whitney Newman.

Born; April 24th 1998 (age 20).

Gender; female.

Occupation; actress, singer, and model.

Parents ; Jody Newman and Rick Newman.

Relationship; jack griffon (ex boyfriend).

See dad run alum Ryan Newman has booked a recurring arc on Nickelodeon live action comedy.

Films acted :

1. See dad run. 2012 / 2015role ( Emily.)

2. The thunder mans. Role (Allison.) 2007

3. Zoom 2008 role (windy Collins).

4. Hanna Montana. 2007 role(Milly Stewart.)

5. Monster house ( first movie acted.) role ( Eliza.) in 2006.


1. Happy universal holiday.

2. Summer time.


Young artists award

In 2007

2008 and 2011


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