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She Underwent A Liposuction Plastic Surgery In Turkey To Remove Fat, Read What Happened To Her Next

A lot of things happen, a lot of sad news hit the Internet every now and then, most of these things should serve as a lesson to all so as to prevent future occurrence. I was so sad when I read this particular news online, and I wished she never underwent such surgery to remove body fat that later took her life. A Nigerian-British woman identified as Abimbola Bamgbose has lost her precious life after she underwent a fat-removal plastic surgery in Turkey.

As reported by, this lady spent £5,000 for the surgery at Mono Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey and after the successful operation, she started experiencing severe abdominal pains which sadly took her life. Examinations revealed that this lady died from multi-organ failure due to the complications that arose from the liposuction surgery.

The sad thing is that she successfully had the surgery but died days after. The 35-year-old lady who is a mother of three went to Turkey for the surgery but never returned.

Below is the lovely family this lady left behind, what a sad thing, tell me who will take good care of this lovely children?

She wanted to remove fat from her body, but this took her life, had it been she knew, she would have not opted for fat removal, after all whether you are slim or fat, you will still be genuinely loved by someone.

Could it be that this lady has been body shamed before? If no, then what will make her to take such decision that later took her dear life? I am let in to ta sadness after I read this news that broke me down.

Please we all should try and learn from all these things, there is indeed no gain in trying to look different from the way God created you.

Nigerians have reacted, some are saying that this lady was not contended with the way God created her and some are saying she used money to buy her own death.

Who should we blame for her death; the lady herself who wanted to remove some fat or the Hospital? Like, share and drop a comment.

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