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Open Letter To 'Oversabi' People (Opinion)

Growing up can be fun as little child due to the innocence we have at such age.

And many of the Memories from our childhood are gotten from things we did, games we played, songs we sang and many other things that never brought worries to us.

Now that we have grown up, it's funny how people have gone ahead to correct some ideas we held as little kids. While this may be correct, but it does a bit of harm to our memories.


On this note, I write this letter to the "'Oversabi' People who have chosen correct what gave us Joy as kids.

Dear Over-Sabis,

You people should warn yourself and stop ruining our childhood memories

 First you change "Sandalili to Standard Living", we no vex.

Again you came and changed our "jangilova epo moto" to jingle over like a motor, we no still provoke.

Later you said "Ayamatanga is “I Am At Anger". Did we complain? No, we did not..... Ok

You came again and said it is "Water Cistern (WC)" and not "Water System".. did we argue? No, we never did.

 Later you said that the song "The most Excellency is Jesus" that we use to sing is not correct that it is "The Most Excellent King is Jesus" still😠😠😠we kept quiet.

Few months back, you still said " Praise their Lord Osingosingo is not correct, and that its “Praise The Lord Oh Singer Sing On", we look you, we no talk, we still kept our cool....😠😠?

Now you are saying our lovely Biscuit Bone is changed to “Brisket Bone” 

Shuoooo!! 😡😡😡😡😡. Wetin na...?

See, make i just tell you, If you like call it brisket bone, or bracket bone, or skeleton bone, we don't care, our biscuit bone remains our biscuit bone.... And Please stop correcting us, we no beg you!!! Leave us as we are.

Let me see you correct any English/Poem again, there's going to be problem for you.


Yours angrily 👹👹,

Old Kids Association of Childhood Memories of Nigeria...

As for me I enjoyed make sand castles as a kid.

What memories do you remember while growing up? Share in the comment section.

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Joy Sandalili


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