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I support the banning of Horror movies.It's time to remove Horror movies for good.

So we all know that there are great movies and not so good one's.

Movies about Love are very great and entertaining while Horror movies creates lots of disturbing anxiety.

Why Horror movies should be banned:

1) You will always dream about horrors.If you are dreaming, scary dreams comes to you like that in a horror movie.Most of the time, people will have nightmares and this causes them to suffer during the night.

2) It makes even the strongest men on earth feel scared.Most people who watch horror movies are the strong ones.However, even strong people who are watching feel scared. Horror movies make you nervous.

3) It Instigates strong and scary imagination.Horror movies will make you imagine scary things that you have never imagined before. If you are a person who has no idea of horror movies, you will find out that horror movies will just scare you when you are in the dark or even when you are in the light. This is the effect of horror movies.

4) Horror scenes follow you.Even if you have finished watching the movie, you will be followed by all of those scenes.

5) You become easily startled.You will be easily startled by little things. It is because you are grounded by the imagination that someone scary is following you or even going to eat you.

This is why horror is not recommended for you and why it should be banned.

.....Whats your Opinion.....

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