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Top 30 funny memes and Hilarious jokes to start your day with


Lol. Guys come and see this 😁

Is it true?


My own is to just talk and run away. πŸ˜‚


How women with engagement ring walk in public. πŸ˜‚


Lol, I don't know who is seriously shaking this table. But wait ooo, is this true? πŸ˜†


Even you reading this know it is true. πŸƒ


Oya, lemme know a real memer. Comment the meaning of this meme in the comment box


My son is so stupid. Imagine he scored zero even when u do his homework for him. πŸ˜•


Lol. Wetin stay at home dey cause. πŸ˜…


My landlord's daughter is pregnant and she can lie alot...

Biko, don't suspect me ooo, am innocent πŸ˜†


Only true Chelsea fans can relate πŸ€—


Lols, this must be maths question. πŸ˜€


Lol when you discovered your ex is dating someone you are far more better than 🀣


How African dads look when they are proud of you but stubbornness won't let them say it with out 😜


Lol photo shopping gone wrong 😁

Yes ooo, she is damn hot with fantastic and coke skin πŸ˜‚


When your gentle and meek wife finally gives you a slap and you discover her hand is stronger than 2 bags of rice combined together 🀩


Perfect example of your mum's warning "your phone wee kee you one day" πŸ˜€


Tell me the university in your country this one graduated from. Lemme know in the comment box πŸ˜‹


Lol, it will take you like 10 mins to understand this meme πŸ˜…


Who can relate to this??

Me am a testimony to it ooo πŸ˜†


Lol. The only thing that scares a woman πŸ€—


Black is beautiful but village ppl everywhere 🀣


Perfect definition of being streetwise I the streets of Lagos. 😁

But wait oo, which state is this lady from?? 😜

Lemme know in the comment box


When he is always claiming to be the head πŸ˜‚


Please, bikonu, ejuo, like this post.

I love you 🀩


Lol. The girl even tried to date him ooo πŸ˜€

Me, I no fit try am at all πŸ˜‹


Example of doing HSE training without practicals. πŸ˜…

Engineers can relate to this πŸ˜†


Kai πŸ€— Naija cannot cease to amaze me


My trust issues started when my mum said "come here, I won't hit you"

The summary be say I ended up with a swollen eyes 🀣


When your ancestors are trying to save yiu from village people 😁


Who can relate to this? 😜

So which number got you laughing so hard? Lemme know in the comment box and some me some love all by liking and sharing.

happy Sunday all

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Lol Oya


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