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Check Out Lovely Pictures Of Liquorose And Emmanuel Together

Every year in the Big Brother Naija show we get to meet house mates that end up falling inlove with each other. Sometimes the relationship only end in the Big Brother house, while others are lucky to date in the house and still end up together outside the house. Last season we had the likes of Erica and Kiddwaya, this season we have Emmanuel and Liquorose.

Emmanuel and Liquorose clicked from the first week and their friendship blossomed into something sweeter. Emmanuel and Liquorose are always seen spending time together and sharing their feelings. Emmanuel is not shy when it comes to telling Liquorose how he feels about her, even though there was a time their relationship almost collapsed because Emmanuel put Rose up for Eviction. Their Relationship is back to how it was and now they are even stronger than ever.

As far as these house mates get to see each other everyday there is a tendency they would fall in love and that's what happened between Liquorose and Emmanuel. They are the ship in the Big Brother Naija House and they have a huge fan base outside the house. The relationship between Emma and Rose is actually very beautiful to see, they are always in the same team and they always win. They stay on the same bed, they cook together and have fun together from time to time.

Emmanuel is always there for Liquorose to comfort her when she needs him, he protects her from fights and calm her down when she is annoyed. Due to how Emmanuel takes good care of rose in the house her fans went all out to vote for him to remain in the Big Brother House. Hopefully their relationship will grow stronger and not crash like the previous ships in the previous Big Brother episode. There are quite alot of beautiful pictures of Rose and Emmanuel, these pictures show the moments they shared together in the house and how their relationship have grown over the past few days.

Even though Emma and Rose are cool and romantic with each other in the house for now, time will tell if they will still be that way. We have to wait until the show ends, we will wait when they leave the house and see other people that is when we would know if their relationship is real or not. See more of their lovely pictures below;

Photo Credit- Big Brother Naija

Content created and supplied by: UniqG (via Opera News )

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