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COMEDY: 3 Funny Sets Of People Who Think They Have Made It In Life (Photos)

Success mean different things to different people. What I see as being successful, someone else might see it as being a failure or not all that successful.

Simply put, people see success differently.

But come to think of it, some people parade themselves as being successful due to some surrounding circumstances at a particular time and place. This is where people get it wrong.

Below are 3 funny sets of people who think they have made it in life

1. The Toothpick Gang

Hahaha...These ones will eat finish at home and then come out with toothpick in their mouth..

Are they trying to show the world that they ate meat today? Don't be surprised if I tell you that such persons took pap and akara that morning. What's the connection between Pap and Toothpick?

Issorite... that's what you get in a country where everyone is trying to PACKAGE himself or herself.

2. The Bottled Water Gang

These ones are the worst and occupy 60% of the total population of Nigeria.. Hehehe...

These ones will go to an occasion and hustle for bottled water and after the hustling, they will end up taking pictures with the bottled water in their hand.. Some Crazy ones will even raise the bottled water up to their face so that you will see clearly that they don't drink SACHET WATER but BOTTLED WATER.

Well, I don't want to talk about their walking steps whenever they are holding that Can. That one will be story for another day.

Now, the last but not the least, and the most current are:

3. Those Wearing This Kind Of Facemask

So because a great pandemic befell us, and we were told to wear a facemask, I won't hear word from these people again? They will just be intimidating others with this their kind of facemask...abegii leave me alone let me put on my mother's wrapper. All na facemask, abi no be so?

Hope this article left you laughing?

Which other set of people think they have made it in life?

Please share your views on this issue

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Enjoy your day.

Content created and supplied by: Chykeson (via Opera News )

Hehehe Nigeria Pap Toothpick Toothpick Gang


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