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OPINION: The movie pk is the best movie to teach about religion

You need to watch the movie PK.. 

Even after watching this movie over and over again, I keep learning new ways and approach to things of life.. 

It's good to be a good person, a godly person... Yes, but not a people follower.. 

When you follow another man blindly, you will miss your way most times... 

The movie with the perfect acting skill of my all time favourite actor 'Aamir khan' from 3idiots movie.. 

Led us to see how we all make mistakes in our understanding and judgment ..

Most Christians avoid Muslims, why? They think they serve a different god, same goes to some Muslims too... Who think Christians don't know the real God... 

Not to talk of other religions.. Or atheist who don't even believe in God or any deity.. 

Christians avoid them, why? 

Are we not all from the same maker? Was there ever another creator of man? 

So why hate a fellow human all because he's not from your religion ..

It's like hating a brother just because he's not my mothers son.. 


And this really needs to be considered: we shouldn't be so focused on pleasing a man who claims to know God more than us.. 

We are all Gods children, he doesn't have grandchildren.. 

So when a man tells you to bring all your money so he can talk to God for you, does that mean the God that created money ran out of the money he created? This infact is a wrong number..

Because I was born into a Muslim family I can't marry from a Christian family? Wrong number... 

Go enjoy the movie titled PK

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