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He Bought A New TV; See What His Children Did To It, No African Man Will Allow This (Photos)

This thing is very funny to me, how will a child do this? is it because they were not trained or what?,

He went to store and get something for his family, for them not to get bored or feeling lonely whenever he is not around for them, all they could do is to spoil the TV, he was even trying to hold them but they could not answer him, so he stop and leave them to do whatever they want to do with it.

The kids are two in number, a boy and a girl, The first child were using hammer and the second child were using a sharp object to tear the screen.

Actually, this is not Africa, I trust my African parents, I hope you all know what I'm talking about, you won't even dare to touch it talkless of using hammer to hit it.

People react as they watch the video;

”Oyibo! I will not blame at all. Spare the rod and spoil the child you say 'child molestation', 'child abuse' woke Twitter Nigeria branch too you will not hear. If to say the Papa weight him 500 two times body go tell am to behave. Him no go dream this trash.”

”This one no be oyinbo problem, the full family is possessed, see the daughter cef go tear the tv finish! The mama dey shout “Oh Lee Land”

”i swear.. it's as though they don't even care.. someone should hold him or drag him to his room and lock him inside.”

”I understand completely.That mixed feeling when the pain went past the crying level,you just cant find the right sound to express it in cry, then as you figure that and finally bring yourself to cry you open your mouth and cant find the voice, so your mouth go open and close😂”

Life is not balance at all!!

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