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Lessons Learnt From How Whitemoney & Saga Settled The Dispute Between Nini And Cross

When people have misunderstanding with one another, the best thing an Observer should do is not to hurry in taking side because it would escalate the case more than expected. This can be linked to what happened between Whitemoney and Saga when Nini and Cross had dispute in the early hours of today on the Big Brother Naija's reality show.

When the dispute broke out between Nini and Cross, how Whitemoney and Saga settled it are filled with lessons one can learn from. In this article, some of these lessons will be looked at.First, immediately Saga knew Nini was angry, he took to appealing to Cross not to be annoyed over the insults Nini hurled at him. He emphasized that Cross should try to be a man. This was exactly what Whitemoney told Cross too. This shows that irrespective of the relationship existing between Saga and Nini, he didn't take side. This shows that when you have people in a misunderstanding, try and be just like Whitemoney and Saga.

The second lesson to learn from how Whitemoney and Saga settled the dispute is that people should always have power over their temper. If Whitemoney or Saga was temperamental, they wouldn't be able to resolve the dispute. They would rather add to it.

The third lesson to be learnt from the manner in which Whitemoney and Saga settled the dispute is that one should always be humble no matter what. Despite the fact that Whitemoney is the current head of house, he didn't allow that get over his head. Amicably, he resolved the differences between Nini and Cross with the support of Saga.

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Dear esteemed Readers, having read this, do you also notice that how Saga and Whitemoney handled the case got them good names from people across several social media platforms? If yes, on your opinion, what do you think about the whole situation?

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