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God is great, Pictures Of The Woman With Longest Leg In the World & World's Shortest Woman

God is great, Pictures Of The Woman With Longest Leg In the World & World's Shortest Woman

Meet the Longest leg woman in the world. The Russian woman popular known as Svetlana Pankratova who has the longest legs about 51.9inches according to the Guinness World Record when she was nominated in their awards. Svetlana has a very long legs and she is more beautiful. Sometimes I appreciates God for creating everyone perfectly in his/her own way.

Svetlana Pankratova was added in the Guinness Word Record in 2009 for being the longest legs woman in the world. The award made her to become more famous and well recognized all over the world.

One precious thing about Svetlana is how she mostly interact with friends, she is cool and more friendly with the people around her. She also like meeting new people. Svetlana was happy the first time she met the shortest man in the world who have also been nominated in the Guinness World Record together. Check Svetlana's lovely pictures.

Svetlana Pankratova the Guinness Word Records 2009, have been in so many places in the world to visit people. She met the shortest man. Check pictures below.

Svetlana's longest legs measurements is something incredible, her legs is measuring almost about 52inches long. I can probably say she is gorgeous.

Meet Jyoti Amge the shortest woman in the world. She was added in the Guinness Word Record in 2012 when they recognized her as the shortest woman who is 62cm (2ft) height. Her feet is measuring about 9.5cm (3.72in) long.

Jyoti is an 18 years old woman from Nagpar in India. She has alot of fans all over the world, she became more famous after her nomination in the Guinness Word Record.

She has a very beautiful lifestyles, she is mostly friendly, always smiling and having fun together with the people around her. What a nice person. Check some of her lovely pictures below.

Picture of Jyoti having some workouts with friends, she is very social and mostly love to interact with friends.

What a lovely picture of Jyoti together with her parents.

Picture of Jyoti together with her parents and Guinness Word Record representatives on the day she was nominated.

Picture of Jyoti celebrating her birthday with a lovely smiles.

What some lovely pictures of Svetlana Pankratova and Jyoti Amge.

Wish them more happiness if you really love them.

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