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This Is Too Much For Only You, Checkout These Funny Jokes And Funny Pictures

1- Yesterday I withdrew 10k and I decided to feel like a big boy, so I went to one corner of my room and started spraying the money into the air, two days have passed am still looking for 1k.

2- if your boyfriend has a car go ahead and break the wind-screen, if he doesn't beat you, or shout at my sister marry him.

3- Some guys will not stop baffling me, you and a girl is chatting and in the middle of the chat you didn't know what to say, instead of you to stop the chat and save your energy you went ahead and be asking, so what's your favorite age, please are you okay?

4- ladies listen, if a guy asks for your number just give him your dad's number and also give him the recharge card to call him, please am I communicating?

5- Only in my country that you committed offense and your parents will be holding cane and still be telling you that they are not going to beat you, am I a horse or what? Even the horse will know that he is about to receive some lashes.

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This Is Too Much


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