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Joke of the day. Day 1, episode 1.



Ade asked his dad, "How were people born?" Adam and Eve made babies, then their babies grew up and had babies, and so on," his father explained. Ade then went to his mother and asked her the same question, to which she replied, "We were monkeys before we developed into what we are now." "You lied to me!" Ade exclaimed as he ran back to his father. "No, your mother was talking about her family," his father responded.


The problems of Nigeria started with confusion in speaking English..

British: Extreme.

American : End.

Nigerian : Extreme end.


British: Knicker.

American: Short.

Nigerian: Short knicker.


British : Salon.

American : Barbershop.

Nigerian: Barbing salon.


British: Bend.

American: corner.

Nigerian: Bending corner.


British: so,

American: Therefore,

Nigerian: So therefore. (it's a banger).


British: tell me the reason.

America: tell me why.

Nigeria: tell me the reason why.


British: Ten Pounds each.

American: Ten Dollars each.

Nigerian: Ten Ten naira each.

You see where our problem started?


I have been tricking bike men all my life just because my house in the village is very close to a cemetery. Once I board a bike, I will stuff cotton wool in my nostrils and when we get to the front of the cemetery, the bike man will have no choice but to run for his dear life. On this fateful day, I boarded a bike as usual, then stuffed the cotton wool in my nostrils after getting to the cemetery. To my surprise, the bike man did not run. I even sang all the ghost song that I know, danced all the ghost dance that I could recall, the guy didn't even move. In fact, I got angry with the guy and said, “don't you fear a ghost ?!” But the man was like “just give me my money.”

I then said “okay, follow me into the cemetery” and he came down and followed me. I was shocked!

Well, as a sharp guy, I walked to a grave, knocked on it and said “BROS, PLEASE DO YOU HAVE N200 THERE? GIVE ME SO THAT I GIVE THIS STUBBORN BIKE MAN” and a hand bust out holding N200 note, saying “THIS IS MY LAST CARD. MAKE SURE YOU RETURN IT!” My brothers and sisters, till now, I don't even know who ran the fastest between me and the bike man; and whenever I'm passing there, I used to see the one leg of my Gucci shoe I dropped while running. It's not that I can't go and pick it, just that I don't really like Gucci products again. In fact, I don't even like shoes again!!!

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