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Every house has it own rules, here are the rules guiding BBNaija housemates.

The Big Brother Naija which many refer to as BBNaija is a television show which comprises of 12 to 21 housemates who stay in a house for 11 weeks.

The show is a big one as the winner would be rewarded 60 million Naira after he or she emerges as the favorite person in the house.

While the BBNaija is an entertaining and fun show to watch,here are the rules which governs all the housemates in the house;

1.House mates are not to connect or talk to anyone outside the house.

2.House mates are meant to respect theirseleves, violence is prohibited.There would be no sort of fights,threats or any strike to any housemates.Any action of that sort would result to disqualification.

3.Housemates are not meant to bring any of the following items;

CDs, CD players,iPad.

Tv, video games,walkmans.

Smartphones or any mobile phones.

Diaries,paper,pen or any writing materials.

Any electronic device that uses batteries.

Watches or alarm clocks.

Computer, laptop or Notepad.

Eyeliner or any object that could be used to draw or write.

No Pets or children in the house but housemates are allowed to bring in pictures of pet or children.

No medications except it is a personal medication that is agreed and allowed by the BBNAIJA.

4.A microphone is giving to every housemates and they are to have it on at all times,no house mate would cover their mouth or whisper to any fellow housemates.All interactions are meant to be heard by the viewers.There are cameras all over the house and the house mates are filmed 24/7 and none of them is to reveal where the location of the camera is.

5.There would always be a diary session which is one of the most important part of the show,Any housemates called to the diary room must proceed with immediate effect.Failure to do that would have consequences.Hats and sunglasses are not allowed in the diary room and any discussion in the diary room must not be shared outside the room,the discussion and questions in the room should be between the housemates and the Big brother.

6.Big brother is confidential,any thing shared with him is not shared with anyone else in the house or outside the house.

7.Housemates are allowed to bring in the following items;

Cigarettes-cigar, tobbaco.

Cream and lotion.

Aftershave and perfumes

Reading materials like books-novels or magazine.

Lip balm, hair spray,gel or hair conditioner.

Musical instruments (as far as it doesn't make use of batteries.

8.The word spoken by Big brother is a law and every housemates is to comply.

9.There is a storage room in the house where the house mates can find everything they need for the week and only the Big brother can open it,once it is opened the house head would go to the storage room to retrieve it.

10.Nominations are mandatory and the housemates would not share anything outside or plot a downfall for any housemate.

11.Vernacular is highly prohibited,no igbo,yoruba or hausa language in the house.English is the only language allowed in the house.

How do you see these rules,are they hard to keep?

Like,share and drop your opinions if you are a lover of Big brother Naija.

Kindly follow up for more than on the show.

Thanks and stay safe.

Content created and supplied by: Meshackede (via Opera News )

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