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After 16 Years That Her Aunty Poured Her Acid, See The Condition Of This Survivor

After 16 years that her aunty poured her acid, see the condition of this survivor.

Many individuals have passed through hell, for something they had no idea about, some people are paying for the sins of others in this world. We have seen innocent people paying for the sins of others in a painful way.

After 16 years as a acid victim see the condition of this survivor. Her name is Obanye Frances Chizoba, from Anambra state. She studied biochemistry at Anambra university. She was an acid burn victim that met her life change incident in the year 2004. 

Before the acid incident.

She and her mother. Before and after the acid incident.

It was just few days to her 9th birthday when the unfortunate incident happened to her. She was poured an acid by her aunty (her uncles wife), while she was asleep, it happened in the morning. They all live in the same compound with her uncle and his wife. Her uncle and his wife were having issues with her parents. So the acid was a way of hurting her parents.

She was an innocent lady that did not know what transpired between them, but she ended suffering it. According to her story, her uncles wife is still at large, they have not seen her since then.

After 16 years seeing her condition, you could tell that she has come a long way and her condition is such an inspiration. She did not allow her flaws to determine her achievements in life. She even has a business of her own, she is also a motivational speaker. 

After 16 years that her aunty poured her acid, on seeing her pictures, you could tell that her condition is good. You could tell that she is still looking beautiful and radiant.

It takes courage and determinations to withstand sure pains, and emotional trauma. But God knows the best. She looks beautiful before the incident and still looks more beautiful with her condition.

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Anambra Obanye Frances Chizoba


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