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Husband and wife relationship

11 Types of Husbands You Must Find 11 Types of Husbands You Must Find In Every Nigerian Home

1: BACHELOR HUSBAND - This is the type of husband that does things on his own . Hangs out with friends more than wife. He is not a bit serious about marriage. These ones were usually forced into the marriage as a result of one thing or another.

2: ACIDIC HUSBAND - This type is always boiling like Acid. Perpetually angry about one minor thing or another, violent, moody, dominating and very dangeous. This ones can categorically be christened Satan's deputies.

3: SLAVERY HUSBAND - This is the type that loves kingly treatment but treats his wife like a slave. Hates being called by his first name, loves wife to perform old tradition respect but never values his wife. Sees wife as a house help and never a helpmate.

4: GENERAL HUSBAND - This one is Community Service Husband. He is husband to every other woman aside his wife. Loves and cares for girlfriends more than his wife.

5: DRY HUSBAND - This is the type of husband that is always moody, sad, emotionless, very stingy, never cares for wife's emotions, contributes nothing to the growth of the relationship and has no single sense of humor.

6: PANADOL HUSBAND - This type views wife as a problem solver. Loves and remembers wife when he is in need. Very clever and cunny, knows wife's weakness and capitalizes on that to achieve his goals

7:PARASITIC HUSBAND - Just like the name suggests, this type feeds off his wife's hard work. Proud ,Lazy and extremely lousy, he never helps out in the family but enjoys everything the wife suffers to get. He only loves his wife for the sake of material things.

8: Baby Husband - This type of husband is not only childish but also irresponsible and never makes decision without involving his mother /relatives. Always comparing wife to his mother/ ex/ sisters etc and runs to them whenever problems arises. These ones are still toddlers.

9: BUSINESS/ VISITING HUSBAND - This very type of husband never stays home for a even a full month without traveling , only comes for visit. He provides everything for the family but never present as he is always on one business trip or Another.

10: PANEL BEATER HUSBAND - This is the type of husband whose favorite sport is punching his wife. He sees his wife as an opponent in a boxing ring who should be beaten to stupor at the slightest provocations . These types are often drunkards, smokers and cheats. They are usually jobless.

11: CARING HUSBAND - These types of husband are every Lady's dream . caring, loving and responsible. provides material and emotional needs, supports his wife and makes time for his family. He guides and guards his home physically and spiritually, treats his wife and children specially.

Guys, Which one are you and ladies, which one is your husband?

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