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I Trusted Him With My Virginity But He Betrayed Me When I Needed Him (Fiction).


My name is Sofia Salatu and I am an indigene of Bayelsa state. I came from the southern part of Bayelsa state, and life has been very fair to me in many ways.

However, meeting Collins Nwagata changed a lot of things in my life. I met him in one of our auditions and we exchanged contacts. He was a very jovial fellow and we got along very well.

We discussed a lot of things, and it was not long before I discovered I had fallen in love with him. His frequent visits to my house was indeed blissful, as I was always smiling from his funny jokes.

He started telling me of plans to get married and how I fit to his ideal wife. I couldn’t wish for more as I had always imagined him been my husband.

Nevertheless, one fateful day we were talking jokes as usual, when he began talking to the extreme. He started touching me indecently, and I told him let’s wait till we married. He refused and I told him my virginity was a gift I was reserving for my husband, which is unquestionably Him.

He promised to marry me and told me he would love to take the gift now. I consented and that was how I lost my virginity.

Few days later, I discovered Collins have travelled abroad on a trip. I was surprised as he never called or texted. I did everything within my power to reach him all to no avail.

I was heart broken as I discovered I have been decieved by Collins. I cried and wept but Collins never contacted me again.

I just don’t know what to do anymore or how to reach him.

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Bayelsa Collins Nwagata PHOTO CREDIT Sofia Salatu


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