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Literature Poetry

Poem:Our Mother Land

What is this that I hear?

That the Weaver birds

are now vultures.

Yearning furiously for war!

Tranquility a jawbreaking

words in our mouths!

Peace in search of sorrow.

Agony a delicacy for her inhabitants?

War songs melodious in the

mouth of God's people!

Killings, massacring

a new designed clothing in our land?

Everyone on a snaky match.

Blood suckers the shepherds of our land!

Tears and sorrow now at peace with peace?

Oh! our dear Treasure

The Canaan land of our time

A country of peace and harmony

now lonely, deserted and shattered.

Can the glory of this Treasure

be restored again?

Oh! the glory of the past

The victory won at the dead desert

Now melting like a heated ice

Sorrow!sorrow !sorrow! on every eyes.

Oh! Let peace reign,let our hearts be gladdened again.

Let the mother earth feed her children again

with nature.

Let the happiness we once experienced be given to us again.

Mother earth thy children we are.

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